Top-down vaporware

Way back in 2006, there was chatter to the effect that MG, having been acquired by the Chinese, were looking for a US assembly plant, and they were looking very hard at southern Oklahoma.

Nothing came of that scheme, under which MG TF (no, not this TF) coupes would be built in the States, and roadsters in China. But you can’t keep an ex-British carmaker down forever:

Edmunds reports exploratory design work for a sports car under the MG name has been placed on the 2014 schedule book in SAIC’s Shanghai design studio, with one of the possibly proposals being a roadster such as those in the brand’s history, as well as the spiritual successor found in the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The starting point for whatever is drawn up is the 2012 MG Icon concept.

In the meantime, MG Motor is looking to design and produce a wider mainstream collection, with design and engineering split between Shanghai and Birmingham, England. Eventually, this could lead to a return to the U.S. market, which is considered a long-term goal for the brand and its owner.

One could argue, I suppose, that the existence of the MX-5 makes any new MG roadster irrelevant, but hey, the Brits could use the jobs.


  1. JT »

    29 May 2014 · 8:12 pm

    Speaking of the MX-5 (of which I owned a first-month edition for 15 years and 280,000 miles), there was talk of Mazda and Fiat sharing the next Alfa-Romeo roadster platform. I think that died on the vine, but it would have been neat to see a Miata version of the Alfa 4C.

  2. CGHill »

    29 May 2014 · 8:36 pm

    Then again, what we might get from Alfa is a foreshortened topless Maserati, which would presumably be priced higher, but hey, it’s a Maserati.

    And since Sergio Marchionne isn’t likely to want to buy his way out of the deal with Mazda, I’m betting the next MX-5 also comes out as a Fiat.

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