Casa del Frye sells

Cameron Frye, said Ferris Bueller once upon a time, is “so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond.”

I suspect that this “tightness” was a function of the house he lived in, which, just incidentally, was sold:

After five stop-start years on the market — anyone, Bueller, anyone? — the sleek, glassy, modernist house in Highland Park where the coddled Ferrari owned by the dad of Ferris Bueller’s tightly wound buddy, Cameron, met its cliffside demise has finally found a taker. Per Crain’s Chicago Business, it sold for $1.06 million, much less than its original asking price of $2.35 million.

What happened? Did they find some Ferrari-colored diapers clogging up the water lines?

Then again, it did need some work. Though the house was an architectural stunner by Mies van der Rohe protégé A. James Speyer, a 2013 Chicago Magazine article described it as “problematic,” with “dated kitchen and bath fixtures” and walls that “were thin, some were in disrepair, and some of the rooms they enclosed were awkward.” Also, the property was comprised of two buildings that weren’t physically adjoined (the main house, which had four bedrooms, plus the car pavilion, which also had a kitchen and a bedroom), a hard sell in a city known for frigid winters.

On the upside, at least no one had to barf up a lung.


  1. fillyjonk »

    2 June 2014 · 11:03 am

    That was all over the news when I was up in Illinois, but they didn’t specify it was “Cameron’s” house – so I wondered, “Why would that sort-of-blah Lake Forest 80s mansion-box bring in so much?” (thinking it was the Bueller house from the movie).

    It makes more sense that it was the cold showplace that supposedly made Cameron who he was.

  2. stixx23 »

    2 June 2014 · 10:56 pm

    Former state Representative and current Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman lived in SoCal when the movie was made and his house (well, his parents’ house) was used as the Bueller residence. He apparently was an extra in a scene that was cut.

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