Definitely in gear

Pop Gear/Go Go Mania (the latter being apparently a US-only title for no good reason other than the fact that it wasn’t British) was a brief (one hour, ten minutes) music revue on film, with various Big Beat acts generally faking their way through their 1964 recordings, interspersed with dance numbers. For lack of a better name, this is the Gold Pants Dance:

The song ending as the clip begins is “Tobacco Road,” a John D. Loudermilk tune recorded by the Nashville Teens, who of course were (1) not teens and (2) not from Nashville. The Teens’ second single, “Google Eye”, also a Loudermilk song, missed the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100; however, it does show up later in Pop Gear.

The vaguely oily host, Sir James Wilson Vincent “Jimmy” Savile, OBE, KCSG, died in 2011; a year later, a scandal broke, with Savile accused of multiple acts of sexual abuse. He is now on his way to becoming an unperson.

(Suggested by Peter J. Rudy.)

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