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Rebecca Black put in an appearance at DigiFest NYC last weekend, and left behind a trace of her existence:

Rebecca Black at Digifest NYC 2014

That logo for Dormify made me think: “Surely Nancy Friedman has seen this name before.” (And she has.) Dormify, they say, “gives you fresh, chic apartment and dorm room decorating ideas,” which is a good thing, given the blanded-out cubicle that is Rebecca’s bedroom. (Assuming that the videos she made in her bedroom were in fact made in her bedroom.) And she’s their target market:

Nearly all of Dormify’s customers are young women and their mothers, although … it is launching a new line of “performance sheets” for men’s beds.

Dormify offers free consultation online and has an average sale of $125 per customer. Zuckerman said students can decorate a dorm room for about $500. A set of sheets, a duvet and pillows start around $150.

“Performance sheets”? Words fail me.

And what’s that blacked-out thing on the backdrop? Not having a copy of the miraculous software used by law enforcement on network-television procedurals, I cranked up various aspects of the picture to verify that it is a logo of some sort, but no way could I read the red-on-black printing, either here or on the other half a dozen I looked at.


  1. fillyjonk »

    13 June 2014 · 9:42 pm

    There’s something with a dark background that says “Material Girl” in pink, but I can’t read the smaller type. Is that it? (I’m actually surprised, with my astigmatism, that I can make that much out.)

  2. fillyjonk »

    13 June 2014 · 9:42 pm

    Or rather, “Material GRL” I suppose for copyrightable reasons.

  3. CGHill »

    13 June 2014 · 9:58 pm

    I think you’ve got it; turns out Madonna kicked in some sponsorship money on behalf of her clothing line, which is called, yes, Material Girl.

  4. Dan Tobias »

    13 June 2014 · 10:14 pm

    I wish once in a while for a change that celebrities would pose for pictures in places without walls full of corporate logos.

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