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California singer/songwriter Sabrina Lentini, last mentioned here, put out a very nice EP, a stripped-down girl-and-her-guitar set called No Price for Love. She took gigs wherever she could get them, and eventually tried out for American Idol; 212 performers were offered tickets to Hollywood, and she made it to the top 48 before being culled. And she got an idea for a second EP to be somewhat unlike the first:

This time, I want to breathe even more life into my songs. I’m ready to be “AMPLIFIED!” I’m so excited to add amazing musicians, producers, and creativity. I have so many songs that I’ve written since the last EP, and I just cannot wait to share them with you all!

But this takes money, which she calculated as $1500 for each of five tracks — and started up an IndieGoGo campaign that ended Tuesday with $7620 in the kitty, 101.6 percent of the goal.

In the meantime, it’s summer, she’s out of school, and she’s working, with eight appearances in July alone, all within a couple of hours of her Orange County home. (Two, in fact, are on the same day: the fifth, around noon on the Huntington Beach pier, followed by an early-evening show up in Ojai. I hope the traffic is bearable.) Here’s a clip from a Long Beach appearance, in which she performs the Pistol Annies’ “Hell on Heels”:

Amps, schmamps: there’s a lot of life left in the girl-with-her-guitar scene.


  1. Dick Stanley »

    3 July 2014 · 6:51 pm

    Sounds like she’s paying for studio time and a producer. For about half that she could mic her own gigs and sell the CDs at future ones. Probably just my bad hearing but, as typical with these “crooners” I can’t understand a word she’s saying. She already has the moves of a pole dancer. Next she needs to wear really tight short-shorts. A girl fiddler I know exposes her midriff, which wouldn’t work with a guitar, of course. Any gimmick in the storm of competition.

  2. CGHill »

    3 July 2014 · 7:10 pm

    Well, she’s only 16, so I don’t think a shove in the direction of “sexpot” is likely to do her much good. (Similarly, I don’t particularly want to see Rebecca Black in a swimsuit.)

  3. jsallison »

    3 July 2014 · 7:52 pm

    Back in the day when I was part of 2d Armd Div (Hell on Wheels) you could occasionally see someone that had performed a bit of surgery to their shoulder patch. I don’t believe Hell On Heels meant then what you think it means today… (This was usually associated with those who traveled light and froze at night. Us mounted sorts eschewed such trivialities)

  4. Dick Stanley »

    5 July 2014 · 12:21 am

    “Similarly, I don’t particularly want to see Rebecca Black in a swimsuit.”

    I like those short-shorts she has on for her Vidcon interview, though. ;-)

    That’s what Sabrina needs.

  5. CGHill »

    5 July 2014 · 12:39 am

    Take a look at the opening of Sabrina’s video of “No Price for Love”.

  6. Bryan Doe »

    5 July 2014 · 6:25 am

    Wasn’t that the route Jewel went, weepy-goofy acoustic guitar ballads on her debut album, then records “Intuition” for her second and licenses it to a deodorant ad campaign before the song even hit radio?

  7. CGHill »

    5 July 2014 · 11:52 am

    Seems sort of similar.

  8. Dick Stanley »

    7 July 2014 · 10:34 am

    Nice-lookin’ guitar, anyhow. It’s hard to take 14-year-olds not named Leann Rimes seriously: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZY8s-T90KE

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