There’s thieves among us

Sometimes they even admit it:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: If you cheat a little at the grocery self-checkout are you a bad person?

Definition of “a little”:

There were some really nice Braeburn apples but they were $3.99/lb, I refuse to pay more than $1.99/lb for any fruit except berries. So at the self-checkout I punched the button for Red Delicious apples which are $1.69. Am I a horrible person or does pretty much everyone cheat once in a while?

No, you’re a horrible person. And a couple of years from now, when you’re whining about waiting tables and being stiffed on a tip, you might want to remember this little incident.

(Title via She & Him.)

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  1. Nicole »

    4 August 2014 · 6:57 pm

    Yeah…if you refuse to pay $3.99/lb but are okay with $1.69 maybe you should buy the ones that are a$1.69. I agree that $3.99 for apples is appalling. But I do without rather than steal.

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