No place to wear a star

Although I don’t believe that should disqualify him:

An 87-year old man is running for sheriff in Washington state because sometimes, as he says, letters seeking change are just not enough.

Dave Olinger of Oak Harbor, located about 90 miles northwest of Seattle, is a man of his word and convictions and, oh yeah, a nudist.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Heck, Joe Biden is alleged to be a skinnydipper.

Olinger’s problem with the incumbent?

Olinger, who has a political science degree from UC Berkeley, said the incumbent sheriff, Mark Brown, was running unopposed and as a Republican.

“It is a position that is not supposed to be associated with a political party,” Olinger said.

And so Sheriff Brown will be primaried. Washington State has an open primary, so Olinger’s political affiliation is not germane:

Olinger was first going to try and get on the ticket as a member of the nudist party, but later decided the Democratic Party worked just fine, he said.

“I would do a good job for the county,” he said. “I have a real chance of at least making the [general election] ticket.”

In other news, apparently there’s some sort of nudist party. I had no idea the Body Freedom Collaborative might actually hold political-party status.

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  1. McGehee »

    7 August 2014 · 6:13 pm

    “It is a position that is not supposed to be associated with a political party,” Olinger said.

    Depends on the state. Apparently Washington is one of “those” states, like Georgia or Tennessee or Texas, where pretty much every elected position except school board is partisan.

    In fact, the only state I ever lived in where sheriff was a nonpartisan position was California — but if the job had existed in Alaska it would also have been nonpartisan, because the only partisan elections there are for legislature, governor-lt. governor, and the federal orifices.

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