A conspiracy of northpaws

This post by Robert Stacy McCain has drawn over five dozen comments so far, of which this one by TheOtherAndrewB is my favorite:

Since the annual Airing of Grievances has come early this year, why don’t we move on to the REALLY important stuff? Only 2% of Americans are gay, but fully 10% are left-handed. How DARE we assume that this constitutes a majority! Sure, 90% is bigger than 10% in your cis-handed world, but that is just oppressive dexteronormative thinking. We should allow (and by allow, I mean force) children to experience the rich diversity of left-handedness. Make all children wear an enormous iron mitten on their right hands until age 18. And, while we are at it, lets force every manufacturer of doorknobs, light bulbs, sporting equipment, cars, industrial machinery and computers to reverse everything they make. At no cost to the consumer and with no unintended consequences.

Ned Flanders was not availididdlyable for comment.

(Why, yes, I do seem to be mentioning light bulbs a lot these days.)


  1. okie1701 »

    8 August 2014 · 4:36 am

    Heh. I get it. Still, Mom often told of the effort she put in to making sure I was right-handed and justified it as a democrat voting teacher in the ’60s would. Meh, she acted on the best info she had…or just didn’t want me to be left-handed like Dad.

    About 5 years ago she tossed me an apple from her kitchen. I caught it in my left hand. “Well, I guess my effort to make you right-handed failed.”
    “No, it’s not that. It’s just Dad taught me to keep my gun hand free!”

  2. jsallison »

    8 August 2014 · 7:19 pm

    Feh, lefties are the smart ones. We can do all Fred’s moves backwards, some of us in heels.

    Olde pharte pop quiz: when you enter numbers, do you use the top row, or the keypad? Underwood 5 typewriters didn’t have keypads, so top row here.

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