You’re watching GOTV

Does the process of Getting Out The Vote require that you, you know, actually get out once in a while? I’m one of those weird people who thinks it does.


  1. McGehee »

    10 August 2014 · 2:52 am

    I had one candidate visit for our recent(-ish) primary — a school board candidate whose husband spent two terms in the state House when lived in his district. I don’t think she won.

    We knew them previously from church and from my two years as a paying member of the county GOP, but I don’t think she remembered me. Of course we voted for her, as we had for him.

  2. Tatyana »

    10 August 2014 · 12:14 pm

    NY Dems are much more like your Reps, Chaz.
    My neighborhood is probably the last and only bastion of Republican-voters in NYC, and that’s changing – what’s with rapidly-growing Arab Muslim percentage in population. Local politicians when they want to self-advertize do not knock on doors but stand next to subway stations entrances and hand out their printed flyers.
    Several times when I encountered that in the past years the politico asked me first am I a registered Democrat – and when I said “no” (or “noway. Aren’t you done enough damage? die, buster, dye already!” – OK, just kidding) he wouldn’t give me his printed propaganda. Wise you frugal, our Yankee Dems.

  3. Roger Green »

    11 August 2014 · 8:33 am

    I got called by an electronic pollster re a local judge primary race in September. I HATE those things. Still, it did inform me about that race, about which I knew nothing before.

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