Prerequisite to just about everything

You absolutely need this class to help navigate the choppy waters of National Discourse:

Credit hours: -3.

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  1. McGehee »

    26 August 2014 · 8:40 am

    Sounds like the English-comp-requirement-satisfy course my counselor at UA Fairbanks talked me into taking, even though already having a bachelor’s I didn’t think I needed to take it.

    I bagged the course because it wasn’t what I’d been told it would be, and told the counselor that since we were about to move to Georgia I didn’t have time to try again to meet this idiotic requirement and all that coursework I’d spent years doing would go to waste because there would be no way to complete that particular degree in Newnan, Georgia.

    He got me my waiver — as he should have done beforehand — and I got to graduate.

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