Armed with 45s

Those of you who were taken aback at the fact that I worked a Blondie reference into a Spottings post presumably haven’t been around here very long: if a lyric comes into my head, it will almost always appear in the current post.

Even people who get paid to write stuff do this. K. C. Colwell, in Car and Driver‘s 2015 New Cars issue:

If the [BMW] M3 has been reduced to a parts-bin fluff job, well, then, God is dead and the war’s begun.

Alvin Tostig (Levon’s father) was not available for comment.


  1. McGehee »

    1 September 2014 · 9:38 pm

    I’ll bet some people would have been taken aback that I spotted the Blondie reference. Though my response probably would have referenced Applebee’s.

  2. Roger Green »

    2 September 2014 · 4:16 am

    I often have a pop reference, not as often as I think of them in my life, which is a relief to The Wife.

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