Advanced skank

Lynn bids for some trouble:

Oh, this might get me in trouble with some people but I’m going to say it: Yes, definitely, sexy does have an expiration date, though the photos of Tina Turner and Cher (the latter obviously airbrushed) seem to suggest otherwise. Seriously, Cher didn’t look that good when she was 30. She couldn’t because they hadn’t invented Photoshop yet.

The actual photographic-use airbrush, as we know it, dates back to the 19th century. And Cher doesn’t really need to worry so long as there’s Armor All. (As for Tina, well, the legs, as usual, are the last things to go, though I am told she doesn’t move them quite so quickly as she used to.)

I don’t have any particular problem with cosmetic surgery as long as it’s subtle and not overdone. If I had the money I would definitely go there myself someday. But “sexy” is not the only way to be attractive. Grace, dignity, charm, elegance, style, class — these are attractive alternatives to sexy at any age but older women should absolutely aspire to these qualities instead of trying to be “sexy”. And I think there might be some debate as to what, exactly, is sexy. Is Miley Cyrus sexy, or merely skanky?

There exists a video, extracted from the Today Show feed last October — it apparently didn’t make it to the actual broadcast — in which Miley, sitting like a high-school wide receiver, ends up playing footsie with Matt Lauer. To me, this was the tipping point, after which she was on the last train to Skankville. Then again, your mileage may vary. (And Cyrus herself said in that very interview that 40 is the portal to asexuality. Go figure. Lauer, at the time, was 55.)

I suspect that at some point you just don’t give that much of a damn anymore: you’re obviously not dead yet, but looking however many years younger goes off your list of priorities, never to return. Or, as Lynn says: “Eventually every normal woman gets tired of all that nonsense and just wants to be herself.”


  1. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    5 October 2014 · 8:48 pm

    When I’m no longer INTERESTED in sex (not necessarily participating with anyone other than my sexy self), I’ll know I’m dead. Or maybe not, if sexy is all in the head.

  2. mushroom »

    6 October 2014 · 4:08 pm

    If I had to choose between Tina Turner and Miley Cyrus, I’d go with Tina.

    Along this same line, last week I watched a weird little 2005 movie called Deepwater. The female lead was young and pretty, but Lesley Ann Warren also had a part. I found Warren more attractive.

    Not being Morgan Freeman, maybe the young girls are starting to look too much like my granddaughters.

  3. CGHill »

    6 October 2014 · 4:19 pm

    I have similar issues with the lad mags and their barely-twenty pictorial subjects.

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