Appreciate the vision

If this doesn’t interest him in poetry, nothing will. It’s Emily Dickinson tights:

Tights with a poem by Emily Dickinson

For the record, it’s the same poem twice, so the poor reader won’t become befuddled if you cross your legs. Price from this Etsy seller is $24.90 in any of ten colors — not including this particular blue, which is out of stock for the moment.


  1. fillyjonk »

    6 October 2014 · 4:56 pm

    And they’re even BLUE STOCKINGS!

    I wonder if they make them in my size.

  2. Tatyana »

    8 October 2014 · 8:31 am

    FJ, I bet your shoes a whole lot more sensible!
    [pictured pair combines two things I can’t stand: a peephole and hoof-like platform]

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