A day never to remember

Mondays have a tendency to suck anyway, but this one was decidedly worse than usual, and far beyond my capacity to cope.

It started about an hour before sunrise, when I got approximately a quarter of a conversation emailed to me. What I needed to know, of course, was the other three-quarters, which was not forthcoming; I wound up going to a third party to get the scoop. Now I expect bad communication at this level, but usually not this bad.

First order of business when I got home was to replace a failed CFL in the garage. (It was one of my original six, so I am not even complaining about the lifespan.) I replaced it with an LED bulb I had sitting on the shelf, hung up the stepladder, brought the car into the garage, and pressed the little doohickey on the remote to close the door.

It wouldn’t. Nor would it work any of its other functions. I sought technical support: what used to take 45-60 seconds now requires 24 hours.

Oh, and while I was on the phone, I lost my Net connection, approximately the same way it dropped a dozen times last night. It took Cox 24 hours to respond to a pained tweet. Since I had to reset both modem and router, I’m guessing the problem could be in either, or in neither. Black bile just pours out of me at such moments.

And damn, but it seemed warm at dinnertime. The A/C — and why is it still on in farging October? — didn’t seem to help. This, at least, was fixable by a counterclockwise twist to the old Honeywell Eye. Still, they’re promising us 92°F tomorrow, a couple of degrees short of the record but ridiculously warm just the same.


  1. David Richard »

    6 October 2014 · 8:53 pm

    Some LED bulbs leak RF like they’re a little radio station. For a quick debug scenario, remove the LED bulb and retry the garage remote.

    If that’s a “fix” you’ll need to go shopping for an LED bulb that had better shielding (usually one with a recognizable name brand).

  2. CGHill »

    6 October 2014 · 9:16 pm

    Hmmm. That did briefly occur to me, but the gizmo that connects it up is rather distant from the light fixture.

    Then again, “rather distant” may be meaningless in this context. I’ll have to try that.

  3. CGHill »

    6 October 2014 · 9:37 pm

    Okay, scratch that possibility. (Although it may have been true at the very beginning, and I hosed things up worse by trying to reprogram the set.)

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