It’s not really a typewriter

It’s billed simply as a “typing device,” and there’s one particular typist at whom it’s aimed: the person writing for eventual publication, or just for the cedar chest, who wants to go somewhere and observe and/or soak up atmosphere but who doesn’t want to lug along a laptop or squint at a phone, which carry distractions of their own. Perhaps this person is you:

The Hemingwrite is designed like an old-fashioned typewriter but does also manage to keep some modern technology. It has a 6-week battery life so it’s perfect if you write better away from civilization, ample memory, instant on so no time is wasted on booting up, and a high contrast screen so it’s easy to read in daylight or at nighttime. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to connect to Google Docs, Evernote, and the Cloud. The best part of all is that stylish old-school look and feel of a typewriter that completes the writing experience.

The four-pound keyboard-plus-screenlet holds about a million words, or roughly twenty standard-sized NaNoWriMo projects, and, I am told, has that nice mechanical feel.

(First seen here.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    6 November 2014 · 1:43 pm

    That’s a nice idea. I’m not quite adept enough at touch-typing to manage with blank keys, but the part of me that regularly thinks, “I’m going to run away to the woods and hide out for a while” likes the idea.

    (I never have actually run away to the woods for more than a couple hours. The lack of indoor plumbing in the woods presents a problem.)

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