I remember this scheme

I spotted this on the back of Parade yesterday:

If your loved one is currently taking twice-a-day Namenda tablets, ask the doctor about transitioning to once-a-day Namenda XR.

Namenda (memantine) is recommended for, as Wikipedia says, “managing Alzheimer’s disease,” and by “managing” is meant slowing the clinical deterioration associated with the disease, since there is no actual cure.

Still, a once-a-day capsule would seem to have only marginal benefits over a twice-a-day tablet, but … Never mind. I might have known:

Forest Laboratories wants more people to use its once-daily version of Namenda. It is, after all, the formula launched just last year, the one that theoretically stays on patent till at least 2025. So, it’s planning a “forced switch.” Forest will discontinue its original Namenda pill in August, pushing current patients onto Namenda XR — and hoping they won’t bother to switch back when generics appear next April.

A third option, an oral solution, remains available for the moment.

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  1. Roger Green »

    2 December 2014 · 5:51 am

    This I had seen on the news a few months ago, with patients and their families freaked out they wouldn’t be able to afford the “new” medicine. It was, in my best Sylvester the Cat voice, despicable.

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