Upward mobility

So, Lisa Quam, you’ve won $90 million playing Powerball. Do you quit your job?

She said she would quit her job at plane maker Boeing Co.

Do you buy new wheels?

Quam said she expected to travel more and had already identified her next new car: a Subaru Forester.

Which, for Washington state, will fit right in.

Although this is the part that gets me:

Quam and her husband bought two Powerball tickets on a Thanksgiving Day run to buy a newspaper and pumpkin spice.

For those of you who thought pumpkin spice, barely spice and not even close to being pumpkin, was the creation of Beelzebub — well, even the devil has an off-day now and then.


  1. Tatyana »

    7 December 2014 · 11:19 am

    ..and ~3000 people in the comments are window shopping: “what if it was me…”
    I know one thing, if it was me I would take the $57mln now ((on condition it’s tax-free) than bank on getting $90mln in 30 installments in the future burdened by uncertain tax percentage.

  2. fillyjonk »

    7 December 2014 · 4:47 pm

    Actually, that would make an interesting premise for a story: That Old Scratch creates new lottery winners….and as often happens, sits back and watches their lives collapse.

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