Strange search-engine queries (466)

Why, yes, this feature has been going on for a long, long time, as the number implies. (Here’s the first episode.) So long as people hunt down weird stuff, I may as well reveal it.

will ford bring back the probe:  Not even for you, sweet cheeks.

reggie jackson flin flon:  What, is the D-League expanding into Manitoba?

susanna hoffs shower scene:  Good heavens, someone hasn’t seen The Allnighter.

functions of hold in mazda premacy:  Dear automakers: You may as well quit printing up those expensive owner’s manuals, since nobody is even looking at them.

www.whaddem porno .com:  Whad ya talkin bout?

mazda 6 5 speed automatic gearbox faults:  Unless I miss my guess, you’re already looking at one.

one is never too old to yearn meaning:  Some are, however, too dumb to comprehend even the simplest expressions.

I will drink the wine while it is warm, meaning:  You’re never too old to yearn.

what vehicles have cd4e transmission:  Did you try Wikipedia? (Of course not.)

parella lewis breasts:  Typically, two, situated side-by-side.

illuminatium page 57:  Visit your local Fnord dealer for complete details.

hong call miss glass of mr pibb theory:  Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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