Not quite a frolic

I wish this guy well, but I’m not especially optimistic about the prospects:

We all want friends that we can bare all to.

But for one man in Southmoor, he’s looking for that in a more literal sense.

Avid naturist John Weston, 72, is hoping that in 2015, he can some forge firm friendships with fellow enthusiasts.

He had been part of a naturist society but stopped going following the death of his wife Margaret. However, after watching the Channel Four documentary The Naked Village last month, he has been inspired to get back out there and make an appeal for fellow nudists to socialise with.

However, he’s not in a position to go seeking them out himself:

Mr Weston, who has difficulties in walking due to thrombosis, wants to establish a small community of dedicated nudists to come around his house in Southmoor, and enjoy being naked together.

Mr Weston said: “It would be great to have people to be naked with and chat to. We could go in the garden now I’ve got the gazebo.”

Note to self: Get quotes for gazebo construction.

(Via nudiarist.)

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