A couple of grand

Which is kinder than the more obvious answer:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Whats the difference between a 4 CYL AND A 6 CYL?

It’s just a darn shame that Volkswagen quit sending us five-cylinder cars.


  1. McGehee »

    8 January 2015 · 7:21 am

    My 2012 Ford Escape has six cylinders, more horsepower than its 4cyl counterparts, and (unlike said) can burn any combination of gasoline and ethanol. YM, as they say, MV.

  2. backwoods conservative »

    8 January 2015 · 8:29 am

    Real motors have 8 cylinders.

  3. McGehee »

    8 January 2015 · 2:40 pm

    True, but my 6cyl gives me nearly twice the MPG of my last V8.

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