A Monopoly set in France contains €20,580. (This is consistent with the US version, which as of 2008 contains $20,580, thirty of each denomination.) However, this being the 80th anniversary of Monopoly in France, Hasbro has decided to drop actual euros into 80 boxes:

Only one set will land the major jackpot, in which every game note is replaced by real money — for a total windfall of 20,580 euros ($23,268).

In addition, 10 sets will contain five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note.

A lesser prize can be scooped in 69 sets, which will have five 10-euro notes and five 20-euro notes.

Oh, that “as of 2008” reference? Before that, the standard American set contained $15,140, or about sixty quadrillion old-style Zimbabwean dollars.


  1. fillyjonk »

    5 February 2015 · 6:15 am

    I suppose it’s useless to hope they might issue blindbags with “real” Ponies in them….

  2. CGHill »

    5 February 2015 · 6:53 am

    They’d be a bit cumbersome to package.

  3. JT »

    5 February 2015 · 9:14 pm

    and they would most likely be pretty unhappy when you opened it up, unless it was Twilight Sparkle. She’d just want to head to the nearest hay-burger shop.

  4. CGHill »

    5 February 2015 · 10:43 pm

    Especially if it’s next to the library.

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