Too young they awaken

“Nature hike,” they said. Those Cub Scouts had no idea what they were in for:

The troop was hiking in Torrey Pines State Beach in California last month when they “encountered some individuals who were inappropriately dressed,” according to a statement from Karl Shelton, the camping director for a San Diego chapter of the Boy Scouts of America.


Local news reports identified the beach the troop had mistakenly ventured onto as Black’s Beach, a naturalist or nude beach located below the Torrey Pines bluffs.


You may be certain that the Scouts were diverted rather quickly after the discovery.

(Via Sophie Rolstad.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    5 February 2015 · 6:12 pm

    Upside: badges in Human External Anatomy for all of ’em!

  2. backwoods conservative »

    5 February 2015 · 7:17 pm

    Inappropriately dressed on a nude beach means wearing clothes. So what was the problem?

  3. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    5 February 2015 · 9:13 pm

    It’s unclear from local reports whether they actually strayed onto Black’s Beach or some nudies maybe strayed south FROM Black’s Beach. Nonetheless, I can’t understand why the parents panicked (that’s what the local news reported). Granted, most nude humans are kinda ugly, but not so much as to induce a state of panic. Or what’s so awful about children seeing an unrelated naked body?

  4. sya »

    5 February 2015 · 9:27 pm

    My initial feeling is skepticism. It seems like everyone here (in San Diego) knows of that beach’s existence. How can you stumble upon it by mistake?

  5. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    5 February 2015 · 9:27 pm

    No, wait – NORTH. The nudists would have to stray north, I think, to encroach on Torrey Pines beach (I’ve never been on either of them.) If they strolled too far south, I think they would have encountered the pier, Birch Aquarium and La Jolla Shores and many more people.

  6. CGHill »

    5 February 2015 · 10:06 pm

    There are at least some parents out there who would panic if their Special Snowflake had even heard of such a thing as a nude beach.

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