And time can do so much

Time has run out for lyricist Hy Zaret, who died this week about six weeks short of his 100th birthday.

Zaret put out lots of words over the years, but the ones you probably remember were the words he put to Alex North’s theme for the 1955 motion picture Unchained, notable both for containing serious emotional content and for never mentioning the film’s title even once in the lyric.

“Unchained Melody,” as it was called, hit the charts in four versions in ’55; Les Baxter (Capitol 3055) took it to Number One, but his version was more or less an instrumental (there’s a brief chorus), leaving the vocal prize to Al Hibbler (Decca 29441), who coaxed it to #3 and bestowed upon it pop-standard status. Lots of people recorded it over the next decade or so; Phil Spector tossed it into a 1965 Righteous Brothers session as the B-side to “Hung On You” (Philles 129), the intended follow-up to “Just Once in My Life.” But “Hung On You” never broke Top 40, and DJs turned the 45 over to find, not the usual Spector throwaway instrumental, but a lovingly-produced Bobby Hatfield solo performance in front of the Wall of Sound at its lushest. (This being a B-side, rumors persist to this day that the other Righteous fellow, Bill Medley, actually produced it; I have my doubts, though Medley’s production for the Brothers’ post-Spector discs for Verve demonstrates his mastery of the Wall.) “Unchained Melody” climbed to #4; its inclusion in the 1990 romantic fantasy Ghost led Verve to reissue the single, which reached #13. (A re-recording by the Brothers also charted, reaching #19.)

Zaret, of course, approved. He was reportedly not amused by a George Martin-produced version by the Goons, which Parlophone stuffed back into the Abbey Road vaults before it could see the light of day, prompting the Goons to move to Decca. The recording finally surfaced in 1990, and apparently not even Dr. Demento would play it.

(Note: MP3s expire eventually.)


  1. Jennifer »

    4 July 2007 · 10:42 am

    Ok, that recording? Truly horrific. In the very best sense of the word, of course.

  2. anomdragon »

    4 July 2007 · 11:25 pm

    Hey Charles, would you like some of their skits? I have a couple of them.

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