Unpredictably so

First, it was one to three inches. Then it was a dusting to one inch. And finally, it was something like 3.4 inches. (I was able to drive up my steepish driveway; it becomes impossible to do that, at least in my existing car, at 3.5 or more.) On the basis that the promised 41 degrees for tomorrow isn’t going to happen either, I took off early, got home in 41 minutes (normal is 18), and ran The Pusher over most of the afflicted surface.

As I was putting away The Pusher, this came down the wire:

Personally, I never believe anything more than twelve hours out, and by “twelve” I mean two and a half, if things look bad.

Already the hype machine is cranking up for the next round, starting Thursday night (maybe) and running through Sunday morning (possibly). The latter is consistent with that old saw about March, carnivorous at the beginning, a gentle herbivore by the end. After forty years in this town, I figure either way it’s going to eat my lunch.


  1. fillyjonk »

    23 February 2015 · 4:02 pm

    I’d love to see Weird Al doing the weather.

    And I have a sad about this weekend’s predicted weather: it’s my birthday and I WAS planning to go do something fun. Oh well.

  2. backwoods conservative »

    23 February 2015 · 4:33 pm

    Happy Birthday, fillyjonk!

    The upstate of South Carolina, where I live, is an area that’s hard to make accurate predictions for winter storms. Winter storms here require cold air from the north, which is usually dry, and moist air from the Gulf, which is usually warm. The nearby mountains usually get snow, but 1000 feet lower, where I live, a few miles difference in where the warm air gets to can make the difference between several inches of snow or a cold rain.

    Right now they’re calling for possibly 3-5 inches of snow Wednesday night, but a local meteorologist has admitted it’s too close to call.

    I’m hoping for rain. Snow interferes with earning a living.

  3. CGHill »

    23 February 2015 · 4:38 pm

    In the SC Lowcountry, where I lived for a decade, the very suggestion of snow made us look around for horsemen, quantity 4.

  4. Dick Stanley »

    23 February 2015 · 9:39 pm

    Post-Valentine’s Centex is supposed to be gradually warming. Instead we are gradually falling back into winter. Been in the 30s all day and falling below freezing since sundown. We could use some of Barry’s global warming bs, but it doesn’t seem to affect the weather much.

  5. CGHill »

    23 February 2015 · 9:55 pm

    Range here has been 19 to 25. Officially 2.1″ at the airport; more like 3″ here on the north side, and Edmond reports 4.5.” (Normal for this date: low 35, high 57.)

  6. CGHill »

    23 February 2015 · 10:39 pm

    “… the promised 41 degrees for tomorrow isn’t going to happen…”

    Scaled back to 37.

  7. Jean »

    23 February 2015 · 10:53 pm

    -8 in Akron right now. They can’t agree on whether there will be snow tomorrow. All we can really do is keep the shovel sharp.

  8. CGHill »

    23 February 2015 · 11:02 pm

    Pretty much, yeah. I got some good use out of The Pusher; I hope I don’t need it tomorrow.

  9. CGHill »

    24 February 2015 · 8:13 am

    Forecast for today from the Ottawa Citizen:

    It’s -33 C with wind chill right now. An extreme cold warning is in effect. When the morning’s graveyard darkness ends, expect to be greeted by an ash grey sky and a 30 percent chance of flurries. Winds blowing at speeds of 40 km/h are also predicted. The cold never ends. It feels like the zeitgeist of this place is a near-dead body, bleeding out in a lonely snowbank, the blood mixing in the snow like some nightmarish piece of street art produced by the acid-addled brain of a Banksy imitator.

    Surprisingly, I still prefer “partly cloudy.”

  10. McGehee »

    24 February 2015 · 8:44 am

    Winter storm watch hereabouts for potential Snowball Earth conditions in metro Atlanta tomorrow morning — which is when my mother-in-law’s weekly chemo session is scheduled at Emory.

    If the advancing glaciers don’t close the roads, or if rampaging hordes of dire wolves and woolly mammoths don’t make the place too dangerous to approach, that’s going to be a very interesting day.

    I’m just glad it’s not my turn this week.

  11. Jay »

    24 February 2015 · 11:24 am

    Happy Birthday Fillyjonk!

    Rather than Weird Al, you should sit down with the weather from New Hampshire TV and Lowell WCAP radio’s Al Kaprielian. (http://youtu.be/ZCaveVsJfVs). It’s like watching a young Jerry Lewis, when he was still entertaining and funny, present the weather.

    And what’s with the cold down there? We’re depending on you to send us up some warm weather!

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