Flavored-water hazard

Just a little something I found in the City Council minutes:

Resolutions authorizing sole source purchases, fiscal year 2007-08:

  1. Various soft drink products, 7UP/RC Bottling Company of Oklahoma City (SS8-C83013), estimated cost $30,000. (ATTACHMENT)
  2. Coca-Cola soft drink products, Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company (SS8-C83014), estimated cost $135,000. (ATTACHMENT)
  3. Budweiser beer products, Premium Beers of Oklahoma, L.L.C. (SS8-C83015), estimated cost $100,000. (ATTACHMENT)
  4. Coors and Miller beer products, Capital Distributing, L.L.C. (SS8-C83016), estimated cost $60,000. (ATTACHMENT)

The ATTACHMENTS are attached, not to the minutes, but to the agenda; apparently these beverages are for use at municipal golf courses.

And no, you can’t have a Pepsi. Not even at Earlywine.

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