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Ana Marie Cox, founding editor of Wonkette, presently writing about US politics for the Guardian, on coming out as Christian in an atmosphere that seems hostile to it:

Conservatives might pounce on my closeted Christianity as evidence of a liberal media aversion to God. After all, my day job is all about expressing my opinions and beliefs — some of them unpopular. In my private life, and very cautiously on social media, the people close to me can see evidence of my affiliation. Tweeting out prayers and quotes from Scripture still feels subversive. But until now, I have avoided publicly aligning myself with one of the most popular beliefs in the world.

My hesitancy to flaunt my faith has nothing to do with fear of judgment by non-believers. My mother was an angry, agnostic ex-Baptist; my father is a casual atheist. (I asked him once why he didn’t believe in God, and he replied easily, “Because He doesn’t exist.”)

I am not smart enough to argue with those that cling to disbelief. Centuries of philosophers have made better arguments than I could, and I am comfortable with just pointing in their direction if an acquaintance insists, “If there is a God, then why [insert atrocity]?” For me, belief didn’t come after I had the answer to that question. Belief came when I stopped needing the answer.

As for said “liberal media,” they will happily acknowledge something greater than themselves. Unfortunately, they think it’s government.


  1. Roger Green »

    2 March 2015 · 5:39 am

    I think the left is hostile to liberal Christianity because they think Christianity is evil.
    The right is hostile because they can’t be “real Christians.”

    Of course, I actively reject both POVs.

  2. backwoods conservative »

    2 March 2015 · 7:12 am

    I coined the term “godvernment” in response to the blind faith so many people have in the power and wisdom of a bunch of dumbass politicians. So far it hasn’t caught on well enough to recieve widespread usage.

  3. Roger Green »

    2 March 2015 · 8:05 am

    Actually godvernment is a good term. the blending of patriotism and Christianity in the US, Maoism, ISIS – there are myriad examples

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