Friday plus four

Four years after “Friday” went viral, Rebecca Black talks to Entertainment Weekly:

The Orange County high school senior currently focuses on her million-plus subscriber YouTube channel, where she does comedy bits, answers fan questions, and performs the occasional song. “What I love and have loved about doing YouTube is that I have complete creative control,” she says. “That was a thing that I lacked with the people I was working with and had surrounded myself with. I realized that they didn’t care as much about what I wanted to do as much as what they wanted to see me do. I really felt like I could be myself, and people really got to know me for who I am as a person instead of just this girl who sang songs.”

That phrase “what they wanted to see” has particular resonance with me, since earlier this week I went searching for Black-related material on Bing, and this is what I got on a submenu:

Bing submenu from a search for Rebecca Black

It was originally nine items across; I’ve reformatted it into three by three, but this is what I got. You’ll no doubt notice that a couple of these items are identical — and that some of these pictures are not Rebecca Black at all.

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