So what’s the big deal?

So this guy is listening to NPR on the weekend, and this draws his attention:

NPR’s Weekend Edition listeners have had enough of sentences that begin with the word so. When asked to nominate the ten most annoying grammar mistakes they’re tired of hearing, starting sentences with so came in at second place!

So what? I mean, really, is this the second-best they can do?

I went and looked up the rest of the Top Ten, and I find it difficult to believe that starting a sentence with so is considered more heinous than the total destruction of the word “literally.”


  1. backwoods conservative »

    6 March 2015 · 9:21 pm

    The list says I lie on a bed. Yeah, and anywhere else I feel like telling lies.


  2. fillyjonk »

    6 March 2015 · 10:00 pm

    This (the confusion of “literally” and “figuratively”) is all Humpty Dumpty’s fault:

    “When I use a word… means just what I choose it to mean.”

  3. fillyjonk »

    6 March 2015 · 10:02 pm

    And “impacted” used to mean “affected.”

    “Impacted” makes me think of what happened to my wisdom teeth. That word makes me feel vaguely nauseated. (And that’s another pet peeve: something that CAUSES nausea, strictly speaking, is “nauseous.” An individual suffering nausea is “nauseated.”)

    I have, however, given up on insisting that “data” takes a plural verb, even though DATA ARE PLURAL DANG IT.

  4. backwoods conservative »

    7 March 2015 · 6:40 am

    Fillyjonk, I think a certain android would disagree with you on that.

    I dislike the use of “all are not” when what is meant is “not all are.”

    Another error I’ve been seeing rather often is “one of the only.” Only means one. If there’s more than one, it isn’t the only.

  5. McGehee »

    7 March 2015 · 7:24 am

    There’s a difference between “literally” and “figuratively”? I am decimated!

  6. fillyjonk »

    7 March 2015 · 7:36 am

    So only 10% of you is dead, then?

  7. McGehee »

    7 March 2015 · 8:46 am


  8. Roy »

    7 March 2015 · 11:01 am

    I’m happy if they get loose and lose right.
    (…or whine and whinge.)

  9. CGHill »

    7 March 2015 · 11:33 am

    Roy, you should have seen this.

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