Don’t you dare talk to us

Cerulean Studios had a recent security update to the Trillian IM client: ever since installing it (on two different machines), I can no longer connect through Trillian to Yahoo Messenger.

And apparently it’s not Cerulean’s fault:

Yahoo has begun blocking Cerulean Studios’ Trillian software from communicating with its own instant messaging software as part of its plan to limit third parties from piggybacking on its service.

On Thursday, some Trillian users began reporting an inability to communicate with their Yahoo Messenger contacts. A Yahoo spokeswoman on Friday morning confirmed that Trillian users’ inability to access Yahoo Messenger was the result of recent policies put in place by the Web giant.

Yahoo last week announced that it would require people who use older versions of Yahoo Messenger to upgrade to more recent versions. Coinciding with the upgrade, Yahoo said it would likely disable access to outside IM services such as Trillian. Yahoo set a deadline of Wednesday for its forced upgrade and its intention to disconnect Trillian.

I’m setting a deadline of right now for my intention to avoid using Yahoo Messenger ever again.


  1. Shawn »

    7 July 2007 · 8:28 pm

    Typical big company tactics. I believe AOL does the same thing.

  2. CGHill »

    7 July 2007 · 9:46 pm

    AIM (AOL’s IM) did block Trillian for a while, but they haven’t done so in quite some time: Trillian seems to work just fine with both AIM and ICQ, which is also an AOL property.

  3. ms7168 »

    8 July 2007 · 9:09 am

    I use Trillian and have for a long time. I connect to Yahoo just fine. I simply cannot use anything other than the rudimentary IM service. No cams or voice :( Or file transfers. I can through AIM however. To be honest MSN has given us more grief than the other two.

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