At last, may I?

Before SK Waller knew me, she knew lots of people:

I began writing music in 1965 when I was 14 and by the time I graduated high school, I had a large body of songs and played an array of musical instruments. I also had a voice and had already struck out on a performing career, singing at coffeehouses, clubs, parties, rallies … any place that would let me do it! By 1972 I was living in Laurel Canyon and performing on television and radio, at concerts all over LA, and opening for artists like the Doobie Brothers, Peter Gallway, and Leon Russell. In 1978 I went to England where I continued performing and in 1981 I got the attention of Paul McCartney, who gave me some serious consideration. I thought I’d finally get to make an album! Well, that fell through, but undaunted, I continued performing in my home state of California and across the southwestern states, all while being a single mom of a beautiful son with high-functioning autism.

Then in 1992 real life happened. My father was diagnosed with cancer and we moved to Denver so that I could take care of him through his last year. My music fell behind; I couldn’t bring myself to touch my guitars. Shortly after Dad’s death my mother had a stroke and I brought her from Denver to live with me, where I was her caretaker for four years until she passed. All of this while raising a large second family. All of the stress of being a caretaker took its toll on my own body and I fell to an auto-immune disease that kept me in bed for two years with chronic pain, fatigue, and depression.

But now she’s back, and she needs some of the tools of the recording trade:

I need to record an album, which, these days is no big deal. The only problem is, I can’t afford to buy the basic gear I need to do this. Having recording studio experience, I’m prepared to record at home — I’ve already designed the jewel case inserts and covers!

The funds will go toward the purchase of the following items:

  • A good microphone, boom stand, and cables
  • Professional headphones
  • A recorder/mixer
  • Jewel cases & inserts
  • Printing & manufacturing

I’m asking you to help me make my one and only dream come true. I’ve gladly taken care of everyone else and now I need help to do this one thing before I get too old and decrepit… ;) Will you help?

I will.

Her Indiegogo page is titled “May I Finally Please Make An Album?” I’m thinking it’s about darn time. I tossed $20 into the kitty to start; let’s see how far we can make it go.


  1. Tatyana »

    6 May 2015 · 7:16 am

    Sounds like a worthy cause.
    But I still didn’t understand, after reading tentatively thru to the end of your post, why she need jewel cases to make a song album?

  2. CGHill »

    6 May 2015 · 7:33 am

    Distribution. She’s from my generation: she wants tangible playable stuff, not just downloads.

  3. SK Waller »

    6 May 2015 · 11:36 am

    You’re so sweet to post this–thank you so very much! As for the need for jewel cases, you’re spot on. I’m going to be hitting the house concert circuit and I need physical CDs to sell from my merch table.

    I’ll never be happy with only ebooks and MP3s to sell. I like to have my work in my handsand on the shelves! :)

  4. SK Waller »

    6 May 2015 · 11:37 am

    (Darned spacebar is giving out. Sorry for the run-on.)

  5. Lynette »

    6 May 2015 · 1:15 pm

    “Jewel Cases” are the clear, hard plastic cases that CDs come in.

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