Looking after my tunes

That’s the pitch I got in email from an outfit called AdRev:

We are reaching out to copyright owners about protecting and monetizing their music in YouTube’s Content ID system. AdRev administers your tracks and finds all unauthorized uses of your music on YouTube. We then monetize any video using your music and point the revenue to you. Our service is free to use. We do not charge any sign up fees, and there are no out of pocket costs. We pay you 80% of the revenue generated, and our admin fee is only 20%.

Seems legit, as the phrase goes. The fact that I don’t have any videos on YouTube, however, would definitely keep me from signing up.

Then again, at some point during the attempt to integrate YouTube with Google+, I found myself with an actual, if unused, YouTube channel. Inexplicably, it has three subscribers; I can only conclude that they’re looking to see what I like.

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