Getting all Zippity

I am one of several bazillion Wikipedia editors, though I have made only a few edits, mostly to the pages on Oklahoma City, The Oklahoman, and Megan McArdle. In fact, pages that cite something I’ve written as a source far outnumber pages to which I’ve actually contributed any text.

That said, I was peeking into some [hide]-type zones, and found this on the OKC page:

Wikipedia list of ZIP codes for Oklahoma City

This is mostly correct. There once was a 73161 code, but it was eventually merged into 73141. However, 74013 doesn’t exist anywhere in the 405; it is, in fact, a boxes-only ZIP for Broken Arrow. Someone, and by this I mean “someone other than myself,” mucked this up.

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  1. Roger Green »

    4 June 2015 · 8:42 am

    Terribly meta, yet I liked that. Which may say something about me…

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