As I might have said

I don’t see myself as the sort of person who does celebrity interviews. (Then again, I am exceedingly uncomfortable when I’m being interviewed, inasmuch as I am no sort of celebrity.) Still, once in a while one of the pros comes up with a question that I would have come up with had I drawn the assignment. In 2003, it was Dan Snierson at Entertainment Weekly. This year, it’s Keith Staskiewicz at, yes, Entertainment Weekly, and the celebrity in question is Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed stuffed bear, who will return in Ted 2, opening later this month. Given that Ted is, well, a bear, this question seems inevitable to me:

EW: Do you shit in the woods? Come to think of it, do you shit?

Ted: I have done both. What, do you wanna watch? Perv.

I was, of course, expecting an answer in the affirmative.

Later, Staskiewicz asked if Ted had seen those Charmin commercials, and Ted accused him of being “obsessed.” Fair enough, I suppose.

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