Getting the bugs out

Question of the day: “Wasn’t someone, somewhere, working on an opera based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis?”

Creeped out as I was by the original story, I figure I could take maybe two minutes of such a production. Fortunately, that’s as long as this excerpt lasts:

Then again, this is properly a ballet, by Arthur Pita; it was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production in 2012, and Edward Watson (as Samsa) won an individual Olivier.

In 1969, Steven Berkoff adapted Kafka’s short story for the stage; Berkoff’s work became the libretto for Brian Howard’s opera Metamorphosis (1983).


  1. fillyjonk »

    18 June 2015 · 3:43 pm

    And for those who can’t take the big bug, there’s the Meowmorphosis, where the unfortunate salesman finds himself turned into a kitten.

    (They REALLY needed to do that as a Hello Kitty crossover, I think….the whole mouthlessness angle would play well with it)

    I have a soft spot for Kafka’s original, I think because we read it in sophomore English right after (ack, ptui) “The Awakening” (About which my friends and I said, “Go on, Edna, just walk into the ocean already and put us out of your misery”)

  2. Tioedong »

    18 June 2015 · 4:57 pm

    Sounds like the plot of the SciFi thriller, District 9…man finds he is turning into a prawn like alien.

  3. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    20 June 2015 · 11:55 pm

    “Metamorphosis” was considered and rejected by Max Biyalystock before he settled on “Springtime for Hitler.”

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