Memo to the National Football League

Those late-morning pregame shows may be in for some minor audience adjustments:

Ordinarily, I’m a big believer in individual privacy and I don’t like the idea of extensive and intrusive surveillance. But a program called Churchix uses facial recognition software to see who did and didn’t show up at service last Sunday, and I must confess I am intrigued.

This wasn’t, you should know, the intended application for this particular code. Says the head of the company developing the package [warning: autostart video]:

“We didn’t have any intention to get into the church market, but orders started piling up. In a really short period time, we got emails and phone calls from about 10 churches and they all asked us for the same thing, and now we’ve had even more requests.”

Because, you know, nothing enhances one’s reverence like induced paranoia.


  1. McGehee »

    28 June 2015 · 9:34 am

    I’ll give you one guess how I’d react to this.

  2. Dan Tobias »

    28 June 2015 · 3:32 pm

    Or just be an atheist and avoid the whole issue.

  3. McGehee »

    28 June 2015 · 7:08 pm

    You think the Outer Party doesn’t check attendance?

  4. Brett »

    29 June 2015 · 7:39 pm

    What the app needs to really hook us pastor-types is a link to some other locale’s facial-recognition software so we could see where our people actually were on Sunday morning and match that with their answers…

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