You need this phone

And by “you,” they mean me. I got a text message with the basics of this over the weekend, and a full-fledged letter, with postage and everything, Monday:

T-Mobile is continuing to invest in our network. As we make network upgrades in Oklahoma City on 7/27, your current phone will no longer receive 4G high speed data.

I almost hate to tell them that my current phone, a Samsung flipper, has never received 4G high-speed data: it’s either 3G or EDGE, which seems to be a sort of 2.5G.

To continue to experience 4G high speed data, we are pleased to offer you a free smartphone, the Alcatel Astro. This phone will allow you to experience the best of the T-Mobile network. The Alcatel Astro features a beautiful 4.5″ screen and 5MP camera to capture and share life’s moments.

Truth be told, I’d be happy to get a consistent bar and a half from my desk at work, and speed be damned.

This is the phone in question. I know nothing from smartphones except that this one is a smidgen behind in operating systems (Android KitKat has been largely supplanted by Lollipop) and the numbers sound fairly mediocre. The price, at zip, is right; of course, the real money comes from the data plan I don’t have yet.


  1. McGehee »

    1 July 2015 · 8:12 am

    I think of Edge as qualified 2G. Like the McDonald’s burger recently in the news is a qualified quarter-pounder.

  2. jsallison »

    1 July 2015 · 7:29 pm

    I’ve got some sort of Samsung sideslide phone with T-mobil. I tell folk I have a dim phone, not completely dumb, not particularly smart, just dim.

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