The antithesis of progress

Oh, yeah, it saves space. Big deal:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sealed Air, the maker of bubble wrap, has announced a new “flat” version of its product. This version, to the lament of many on social media, will not pop.

Sealed Air states that shipping pre-inflated rolls of bubble wrap takes up too much space in trucks and on warehouse floors. The new version is sold in flat sheets and will be filled on demand with a custom pump. Shipping it in this manner will use about 1/50 as much space as before.

Rather than individual bubbles, the new wrap contains a single chamber of air which holds little promise to entertain like the original wrapping has done for decades.

This puts an end to at least some of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s freaky time.


  1. fillyjonk »

    3 July 2015 · 7:18 am

    Considering how mad-dog social media went over the suggestion we put peas in guacamole, I’m just waiting to see the reaction to this.

    (Lately, when I buy stuff, it comes not with bubble wrap but those stupid baggies of air that you have to pop in order to throw them away, or they don’t fit in the trash can)

  2. Roger Green »

    3 July 2015 · 7:43 am

    Jeb! and Obama agreed on something, and that was no peas in guac.

  3. CGHill »

    3 July 2015 · 8:52 am

    I’d say that anyone who seriously suggested putting peas in guacamole has basically destroyed his political capital.

  4. McGehee »

    3 July 2015 · 9:21 am

    I blame my wife and her cats.

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