The Pergelator looks up from The Frozen Ground to issue a proverb:

It’s a little weird how strongly I react to images of pretty women, and from the evidence, I would say it’s not just me but most men react the same way. There is one school of thought that says naked women, whether images or in person, tend to sexually arouse men. There is another that says their appearance is relaxing. I think both are true. Your reaction depends on you and the situation.

I haven’t seen this particular film — two words: “Nicolas Cage” — but it must have been a fairly ferocious bit of cinema to prompt this kind of speculation, though apparently female lead Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t participate in the Parade O’ Flesh.

On the Internet, images dropped below a dime a dozen a decade ago, so I have to figure that someone who is jarred by the sort of skin exposure that can be seen any day of the week on any of a thousand Tumblr blogs is perhaps too excitable to be trusted around an actual physical female, regardless of her attire. “In person,” however, calls for an entirely different metric, and I don’t expect to find such an event “relaxing,” if only because I have no reason to think it’s going to happen any time soon, and the element of surprise trumps the possibility of relaxation. I am, of course, willing to be proven wrong, but I’m not going to plan for it.

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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    7 July 2015 · 4:53 am

    — …naked women, whether images or in person, tend to sexually arouse men. —

    Uh, not quite. I can’t imagine becoming aroused over the naked form of, say, Andrea Dworkin, Lena Dunham, or Hillary Clinton, whether in person, pixels, or Polaroids. There‚Äôs a lower bound of female attractiveness involved, and it must be respected for the viewer to become erected.

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