Worst seat in the house

About three years ago, Airbus floated the idea of offering airlines a choice between narrow and really narrow seats. (The merely narrow seats were dubbed “XL,” which proves that even sadists have a sense of humor.)

But this obviously wasn’t enough passenger discomfort, so — well, here’s the Telegraph story: “New plane cabin could force passengers to make eye contact.” Seriously:

A new in-flight seating plan aims to make better use of cabin space — but would see passengers forced to face one another during a flight.

Zodiac Airbus seat arrangement proposal

The designs, proposed by Zodiac Seats France, the airline industry supplier, feature alternating forward and backward facing seats placed side by side.

What could possibly be worse? How about this Airbus scheme from last summer?

Airbus flying donut seat arrangement proposal

Fausta knows where this design came from, though:

Rather than donuts, Airbus is finding inspiration in Dante, which Dante surely would add as the 10th circle were he alive today.

At least it’s temporary; it only seems eternal.


  1. Fausta »

    12 July 2015 · 2:52 pm

    The thought of enduring eye contact for a whole flight is enough to make me stay home – it’s even worse than the cramped seat.

  2. “Economy class cabin hexagon”? No. Just no. | Fausta's Blog »

    12 July 2015 · 2:53 pm

    […] Linked to by Dustbury. […]

  3. CGHill »

    12 July 2015 · 2:55 pm

    Not to mention the utter lack of legroom, unless you happen to be riding with Peter Dinklage.

  4. fillyjonk »

    12 July 2015 · 6:33 pm

    And you KNOW if you manage to score what passes for an aisle seat, the person in the middle is going to have a tiny bladder and drink LOTS of water.

    This is just another reason not to fly. As if the pre-flight feel-ups wasn’t enough.

    (They probably just stick Peter Dinklage in the overhead bin)

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