Standard government response

Warren Meyer explains it as tersely as is humanly possible:

Problem: Long waits at the DMV

Solution: Triple the size of the waiting room

And so they did:

The [Arizona] state Motor Vehicle Division office in Surprise is about to reopen following renovations that include a near-tripling of the capacity of its customer waiting area.

Arizona Department of Transportation officials say the waiting area will accommodate 188 customers, up from 68 previously.

Wait a minute. That’s it?

ADOT officials say the renovations also included upgrading the air conditioning system and restrooms.

Still, this is a good thing, considering what I had to go through, not in the 48th state, but the 46th:

Now you should know that “nearest” does not necessarily mean “near”: the only station in Oklahoma City proper is on the far southside, which meant a trip to either Yukon or Edmond. I opted for the latter, contriving to arrive 75 minutes before closing. This got me a 50-minute stay on what you’d get if they’d ordered chairs to match the Group W bench, after which I was admitted to the Inner Sanctum.

I remember paying a visit to the California DMV about 27 years ago, and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I’d anticipated. Then again, California had maybe two-thirds its current population about 27 years ago. (If you care, it was the office in Torrance, 1785 West 220th Street, which currently has 2½ stars on Yelp.)

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