The yellow ruse of “Tax us”

At any rate, that’s the vibe I pick up from this:

Well, let’s see. The state charges a uniform 4.5 percent. The city of McAlester collects 3.5 percent. And … hmmm. Pittsburg County, which was 1.0 percent, drops to 0.5 percent effective the first of October. What are they asking? The McAlester Chamber of Commerce was circulating this flyer:

Sales tax proposals in McAlester and Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

The measure passed yesterday will bump up the combined sales tax in Pittsburg County to 9.5 percent; should the October bill pass, the tax rate inside McAlester city limits will be 10.25 percent, putting it on par with Chicago but ahead of New York City.


  1. fillyjonk »

    13 August 2015 · 6:32 am

    And, IIRC, Chicago either doesn’t pay sales tax on groceries, or there’s a second, lower, tax rate for groceries.

    I believe my local tax rate is at 9.75%. This is thanks to a couple measures that people were encouraged to vote for because it would “improve the city” and yet “not raise property taxes.”

    The consequence is that whenever I can come up with a good reason to go into Texas (no tax on groceries), I am sure to stop at the Brookshire’s or the Kroger’s before I cross back into my state.

  2. McGehee »

    13 August 2015 · 8:09 am

    By the time I escaped California, the sales tax where I had … subsisted was 7.75%. Alaska, of course, has no statewide sales tax and the North Pole sales tax applied only in city limits, was only 3%, and topped out at a certain amount per purchase.

    I’ve lived here almost 16 years now, and the local sales tax has been 7% without any increases (though voters keep extending the last one cent, because EDUCATION!!!).

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