A merman it’s your turn to be

Not exactly a cast of thousands, I surmise:

In the Jimi Hendrix Case only you, Detective Jimi Hendrix can solve the mysterious murder of Jimi Hendrix, with a crazy cast of characters from Officer Jimi Hendrix, to secretary Jimi Hendrix, to fishmonger Jimi Hendrix there to help and hinder you on your way. In case you hadn’t guessed, in The Jimi Hendrix Case, everyone is Jimi Hendrix.

Wait, what?

The Jimi Hendrix Case is a new short point-and-click adventure game made for the latest Monthly Adventure Game jam, the prompt for which, funnily enough, was Hendrix. And one of the rules was that the game must relate to fish in some way. I won’t go into detail but let me just say that I truly admire the way the creators of the game, Benjamin Penney and K. Williams, took these rules to heart.

Screenshots and a download link here.

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