A hard road calls

John Mayall is on tour.

Yes, that John Mayall, whose ever-changing Bluesbreakers roster has contained some of the biggest names in British blues and blues-rock. His current band, not sporting the Bluesbreakers name, has been with him for two albums and one previous tour, and they’re doing 53 days across Europe.

Still, Mayall, now 81, sees the road the same way he did when he was 21:

I don’t think it’s changed at all. You know what you want to play, and if you get the right guys it all comes together and clicks. We have a great time and it’s exciting and we communicate that to an audience. If we’re not excited and having fun, then they won’t be.

Find a Way to Care, Mayall’s second album for Forty Below Records, was released last Friday.

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