The most unromantic person you’ll meet

Besides me, I mean. This is something Bollywood actress Amyra Dastur actually said about herself late in a 23-minute Web interview, though she’s played a love interest in all three of her films.

Amyra Dastur on a rail

She also seems to suffer from anxiety:

After Issaq, I feel anxious about every film I do now. I remember I saw Issaq on the opening night and I was shattered. It was not that it was a good film and that it did not do well, it was not a good film. Within the first five minutes of seeing it, I knew it was not going to be nice. I had my whole family there luckily, but it is hard when at the end people start that slow clap, you know that it is a pity applause. It was heartbreaking.

Perhaps the world wasn’t ready for a version of Romeo and Juliet set in Benares. Her second film, Anegan, in which she plays multiple roles, was well-received, and most recently she appeared in Mr. X.

Amyra Dastur in pre-production for Mr. X

The reviews so far have not been good. One example:

A desi attempt to Bollywoodize the 2000 Kevin Bacon film Hollow Man, Mr X is a shoddy gimmick at trying to put together a sorry excuse of a plot to make a 3D film. Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur play two anti-terrorist department agents whose love story takes an unexpected turn when their chief played by Arunoday Singh decides to go rogue on them.

Next stop: Ticket to Bollywood, not the 2014 reality-TV series, but a sendup of such things, concocted by Faraz Haider. If it’s a flat-out comedy, as Haider’s War Chhod Na Yaar was, I think she’ll be happier.

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