Kerry aloft

So this arrived in the mailbox a few days ago, and all of a sudden I’m thinking Tony Goldwyn as Consummate Actor:

Entertainment Weekly cover issue 1380

I mean, if I have Kerry Washington on my shoulder, her knee at my eye level, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have difficulty looking straight at the camera. (Bellamy Young is no slouch either, but we’re talking Kerry freaking Washington here.)

This led me to wonder if I reacted similarly to dissimilar poses with similarly charming displays, and:

Kerry Washington reads the news

Kerry Washington in InStyle May 2013

Damn, that Goldwyn guy is good.


  1. McGehee »

    20 September 2015 · 7:19 am

    Of course, we don’t know how long the photographer had to plead with him to look at the camera. And his expression puts me in mind of the story of the photographer who snatched Churchill’s cigar from his mouth and snapped the resulting glare.

  2. ETat »

    20 September 2015 · 11:32 am

    His expression coordinates very well with his wedding band.
    I don’t see what’s the issue with admiring his perseverance – unless he’s fighting an impulse to push the woman off his shoulder.
    Then I’d wholeheartedly agree. I’d have shoved her into the mud half-n-hr before the photoshoot.

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    21 September 2015 · 8:47 am

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