Clearly there is no Cure

Somewhere in Portland, Oregon is a food trucklet called “Fried Egg I’m In Love”:

This food cart creates Portland’s best breakfast sandwiches. Each fried egg sandwich has a punny name, a perfectly cooked egg, and is crafted with love. We also have the best gluten-free breakfast sandwiches in Portland. Our vegan burrito is immensely popular, and vegetarians LOVE our SortaSausage — made from gluten-free oats and polenta, and created right here in Oregon.

For seven bucks, for instance, you can get Sriracha Mix-A-Lot:

Fried egg, seared ham, fresh avocado, tomato, havarti cheese, and Sriracha. Jump on it.

This did not make it to the top of Atlas Obscura’s list of food trucks with punny names, but it was clearly my favorite. (Second place? Another Portland vehicle, Comfortably Yum, temporarily closed following a fire.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    1 October 2015 · 12:06 pm

    “I’m sorry, I can’t taste the love in this sandwich. I’d like a refund.”

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