Tricky handling

Hyundai has been showing off something they call the Vision G Concept, and while it’s not specifically slated for production itself, we can probably expect some of its features to show up on actual cars before too awfully long.

Hyundai Vision G Concept

Concept cars, of course, are almost always two-door coupes; no one goes to an auto show to see a four-door sedan. Then again, it would presumably be interesting to see a four-door version of this thing, since apparently it doesn’t have any door handles.

Wait, what?

We pick up the story from Jonny Lieberman in Motor Trend (November):

[T]he door handles … are not in fact on the doors. I asked, and the reason why is that when you have doors more than 3 feet in length, you have to take a few steps back while opening them in a conventional fashion. With the handle on the body panel behind the door, you simply push (or in this case swipe), wait as the automatic door opens, and then step inside.

Lieberman thinks this is not a great idea:

Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me that if you’re a door handle, job one is to be on the door.

If this, um, feature shows up on a production Hyundai, I will be surprised, and not necessarily pleasantly so. That said, for all I know it might be the biggest hit since the fake hood scoop.

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  1. CaptDMO »

    6 October 2015 · 6:55 am

    Say, what is plan B when the battery is dead?
    Have we learned NOTHING from the Bricklin?
    And “long doors” are not appreciated by the neighbors in parking lots.

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