Flow gauge?

One of the more exasperating aspects of the Internet of Things is that nobody is seriously asking “Why this Thing?” And maybe you can justify this, but I can’t, and neither can Gadgette:

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve nothing against menstrual cups — lots of women find them useful and planet-friendly — but why on earth would you want to link that to the internet?

Are you hoping for stats like “so far this year, you’ve bled enough to recreate the Huey Lewis scene in American Psycho“? Or perhaps you’d like to gamify your menses: “Kate shed 10ml more than you this month! Up your game, girlfriend.”

We’re kidding, of course, but that’s actually not far off what the Looncup is offering.

Perhaps I’m not the one to pass judgment on this contraption. So I’ll continue to quote the woman who wrote that piece:

Does this mean we’re going to get a notification in the middle of a meeting saying “Your cup runneth over”? Is the colour represented on a Pantone chart of vermilion hues? “Last month you were Pepperoni but this month you’re a bit more Lobster”? What happens if the app gets hacked and someone puts our periods on PasteBin?!?

I’m guessing this is intended as a marker, so something like the fridge that emails you to tell you you’re out of eggs will seem normal by comparison. (Now beer, that I can understand.)


  1. Jean »

    6 October 2015 · 7:05 am

    I’ve never heard of menstrual cups.
    The whole idea is disturbing and…weird.

  2. fillyjonk »

    6 October 2015 · 7:11 am

    *please let this be a hoax thing. please let this be a hoax thing*

  3. CGHill »

    6 October 2015 · 7:27 am

    As of this morning, the Looncup Kickstarter was two-thirds funded with the rest of the month to go.

  4. McGehee »

    6 October 2015 · 8:36 am

    “Kickstarter donors fund product whose name starts with ‘Loon’. Film at 11.”

  5. fillyjonk »

    6 October 2015 · 9:27 am

    I guess that means I can look forward to being advertised Twitter streams (or Tumblrs) that are entirely about someone’s menses.

    *Adds one more item to the list of “cons” of “modern life”*

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