Rhymes with “bombast”

Turns out, even people who have never used Comcast hate Comcast:

My late mother-in-law had Comcast for years in Chattanooga before moving in with the wife and me. Comcast kept her old email address open and forwarding to her new Gmail address.

Now though, we want to either stop the forwarding, or close the email account. Neither is possible.

Literally. There are no forwarding controls on Comcast’s webmail interface — the link purportedly pointing to forwarding controls doesn’t go to forwarding controls. And if you try calling customer service…?

Let’s just say it’s probably not worth the effort to try. It might, however, be worth five bucks to outsource the task:

AirPaper will handle all the nastiness of nixing your Comcast plan for a mere $5. $5 for peace of mind and a bit of sanity feels like a steal.

The geniuses (or masochists) behind this are Earl St Sauver and Eli Pollak, two Bay Area tech gurus who, from the sound of it, have paid their own iron price in dealing with phone trees and unhelpful customer service operators. Now they just want to help other people avoid the hassle of canceling their cable plans.

Two of their next three schemes have to do with doing business in San Francisco, which should tell you something about doing business in San Francisco.

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  1. McGehee »

    7 October 2015 · 4:25 pm

    What I ended up doing was setting a filter on the Comcast email account, deleting everything that arrived with that address in the TO: field. Between that and an ongoing campaign of unsubscribe orders, the Comcast forwards actually seem to have stopped.

    Now we just need to get comfortable with deleting her Google account. That, too, seems to have gone quiet as more people either have implemented unsub orders or gotten word of her passing — but I don’t know whether my wife might want to save some of the contacts.

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