Strike the first

While it’s only a preseason game and therefore doesn’t mean anything, the first Thunder outing under Billy Donovan seemed a lot less lackadaisical than similarly meaningless productions presided over by Scott Brooks; there was a bit of backsliding in the second quarter — when you score 42 in the first, you almost expect that — but the 122-99 thrashing administered to the Timberwolves this evening almost exudes promise, what with seven Thunder players in double figures and Russell Westbrook almost hitting a triple-double. About the only downside, perhaps, was Kevin Durant actually missing a free throw. (Then again, he did get two of three out of that sequence.)

Second preseason game, which of course doesn’t mean anything, is at home against Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahçe, which beat the Nets 101-96 in Brooklyn this past Monday.

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